Hong Kong woo Fai Decoration & Engineering Co., Limited is a professional decoration company in Hong Kong. It was founded in Hong Kong by Mr. Huang Zhigui, whose ancestral home is Sichuan. It is an enterprise specializing in construction engineering, slurry engineering, waterproof engineering, oil knee engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, building maintenance and renovation engineering.

Since its establishment, the company has been mainly engaged in indoor and outdoor decoration and construction. The company's business scope involves muddy water projects and interior decoration projects in residential buildings, villas, office buildings, factories, restaurants, hotels, shops, schools, institutional buildings, shopping malls and other places, Building maintenance and renovation engineering, including slurry engineering, oil knee engineering, waterproof engineering and other related professional fields. And provide decoration construction cooperation for many large decoration design companies in Hong Kong. The company has a sound engineering team, responsible for the construction site interior design, engineering management, construction personnel with professional qualifications or years of experience; the company has always been based on attentive service, strict selection of materials, affordable price, quality first and integrity, seeking truth from facts service purpose, won the customer support and trust. In the future, we will continue to improve the quality of service and do our best!

The company takes "high, fine and sharp" as the core of the enterprise, "building future life with international standards" as the decoration construction requirements, and "originating from Hong Kong, serving China." To provide more quality products for China.

We will provide free on-site measurement and quotation services for professionals, and will carefully consider the actual requirements of different customers. Welcome to call 95897988 for inquiry and free quotation!