Hong Kong woo Fai Decoration & Engineering Co., Limited is a professional decoration company in Hong Kong, founded by Mr. Huang Zhigui, whose ancestral home is Sichuan, in Hong Kong. It is a high-end enterprise specializing in space research, indoor and outdoor decoration and construction.

Since its establishment, the company has been mainly engaged in indoor and outdoor decoration and construction. The company's business scope covers villa residential, hotel catering, office space, commercial stores, entertainment clubs, sales exhibition hall and other indoor engineering construction, soft decoration layout, Furniture Customization and other related professional fields. And for many large decoration design companies in Hong Kong to provide decoration construction cooperation. He is a senior engineer with Chinese professional background, who is a senior engineer in charge of interior engineering. The company is committed to space construction research, attaches importance to theoretical research and construction site monitoring. Mr. Huang Zhigui has been committed to the construction of indoor and outdoor decoration in Hong Kong for many years, and has accumulated rich experience, which is highly praised by customers from all walks of life. So far, the company's business involves Hong Kong, Shenzhen and other places.

The company has signed "strategic partnership agreement" with many domestic high-end design enterprises and high-end material suppliers, and has formed interaction with many top domestic design institutions through network remote communication. Thus, the company takes "high, fine and sharp" as the core of the enterprise, "creates future life with international standards" as the decoration construction requirements, and "originates from Hong Kong, and serves." To provide more quality products for China.